20 Powerful Affirmations To Change Your Outlook On Your Life

Marcelo Matarazzo

1. I am attractive.

2. I am healed.

3. I am healthy.

4. I am strong.

5. I am smart.

6. I am loved.

7. I am wanted.

8. I am talented.

9. I am capable of getting everything I want.

10. I attract what I want effortlessly.

11. I forgive myself for my mistakes.

12. I have no doubt that everything I want wants me.

13. I am always learning, never broken.

14. I am always valued, respected and appreciated.

15. I love who I am becoming.

16. I attract positive and healthy relationships

17. I trust myself to make the right decisions.

18. The universe is moving circumstances to bring me closer to my dreams and desires.

19. I deserve the love and happiness that I am seeking.

20. I am always grateful and ready to receive all of God’s blessings. TC mark

Rania Naim

Writing. Living. Loving. Dreaming. Healing. Evolving.

If needing you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

“Sometimes things make more sense the second time around. People change, you change and the universe changes, if we keep ourselves confined to first chances only, we will truly miss out on some of the most beautiful things in life.” — Rania Naim

The book that triggered all the pain and resentments that I have been ignoring fow awhile now. This book definitely exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!” — Anilou, GoodReads 

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