You’ll Always Be The Chapter I’ll Never Forget

You’ll always be the person who walked in and knew it from the start. You didn’t need time to figure it out, you didn’t need to take it slow, you dived right in because that’s what you do. You save people from drowning.

You’ll always be the person who decided to study all of me. The person who wanted to know everything, you wanted to listen, you asked the hard questions and you didn’t fall for my shallow answers. You kept asking until I responded. You kept solving all the riddles and for the first time, I felt like someone actually understood me. Someone helped me understand myself.

You’ll always be the person who taught me how to love unconditionally. How to value people. How to build them up. How to be there for them even when I’m struggling. You’ll always be the person who taught me that loving others is the only way to heal. The only way to forgive. The only way to feel alive.

You’ll always be the person who made it look easy. I didn’t have any doubts with you. I wasn’t scared. I wasn’t guarded. I didn’t have lonely nights because you always showed up. You showed up even if I didn’t ask you to. Your love was pure and it was real and I failed to understand that back then, but boy do I understand it now.

You’ll always be the chapter I’ll never forget because you were the only brave chapter in my life. The only chapter that left a beautiful impact. The chapter that left me with so much wonder and love. The chapter that paved the way for me to find and love who I really am. You’ll always be the chapter that started it all. You’ll always be the tipping point.

And I still believe that my story will have more beautiful chapters, but I’ll always go back to yours when I’m lost. I hope you know that you were a beautiful chapter even if I couldn’t finish the whole book. I hope you know that I still remember every word. I hope you know that when I run out of words, I read your chapter and somehow it brings me back to life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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