I’m The Girl You Remember When Life Gets Hard

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I’m the girl you remember when things are not going right for you because you know I will be there to help you get through it. You know I’ve been there and I understand that kind of confusion and that kind of pain. I’m the girl you remember when you can’t lean on anyone else because you know you can always lean on me. You know I’ll be there when everyone is tired of being your friend.

I’m the girl you remember when you feel misunderstood because you know I’ll understand you. You know I’ll hear your silence and feel the heaviness in your heart with each sigh. I’ll understand the sadness your eyes and I’ll know how to comfort you because I’ve felt it all before. I know how much it hurts. I know what’s on your mind and I know what’s in your heart.

I’m the girl you remember when you’re done with all the games and the superficial kind of love. When you start looking for a soul instead of a body. When you start craving deep conversations late at night. When you start looking for a best friend. When you want to be with someone you can trust. When you want loyalty instead of mixed signals. When you want to be sure of someone’s feelings and build something real.

I’m the girl you remember when you’re done with all the lies, the girls who don’t move you, the nights that all feel the same and the void you can’t really fill. I’m the girl you remember when you realize that the void can’t be replaced by temporary feelings or infatuation or flings.

You’ll only remember me when you’re tired and your world is falling apart. When you begin to think about what truly matters and what kind of person you need in your life. When you start evaluating the things your parents told you, how your friends advised you to hold on to girls like me and how you knew it in your heart all along but you picked your short-term happiness instead. You picked the instant gratification. You fell for the trap set up by your ego.

I’m the girl you remember when it’s too late. After I’ve moved on. After I’ve decided that my heart won’t always be yours. I’m the girl you remember once you realize that I won’t wait for you again. Once it hits you that you took every ounce of me for granted.

I’m the girl you remember when you feel like I had forgotten about you. Once you remember that I am capable of letting you go.

I’m the girl you want back when I no longer want you. When you text me and I don’t respond. When you call me and I don’t pick up. When you tell me that you miss me and I don’t feel a thing. TC mark

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