Don’t Hate Her For Moving On


Don’t hat her for moving on. Don’t even blame her.

Don’t hate her for wanting to know if you see a future with her or if she needs to go find her own life again without you. Find someone who wants to continue his journey with her. Find someone who doesn’t make her feel like she’s too hard to love or a burden to be with.

Don’t hate her for doing what you do best. Choosing herself.

Chasing her happiness instead of you. Remembering her worth. Finding the beauty you failed to see. Remembering that she deserves the same love she’s giving. Remembering that she deserves someone who wants to try and keep on trying.

Don’t hate her for trying to mend her broken heart. Don’t hate her for giving love a chance without you. Don’t hate her for wanting to be with someone who cherishes her. Someone who treats her with respect. Someone who embraces her flaws. Someone who knows that loving her won’t be easy but it will be worth it.

Don’t hate her for giving up on you. Don’t hate her for running out of patience. Don’t hate her for taking back everything she ever gave you. She fought so hard for you. She waited too long for you. She gave you too much.

Don’t hate her for moving on because she warned you about this day. She told you that when she hands someone her whole heart and shows them who she really is, she has no time for games. She has no time for another heartbreak. She has no time for another person who is unsure of her. She is not going to lose herself loving you or anyone else again.

Don’t hate her for leaving because she tried to stay. Don’t hate her for wanting a certain kind of love you couldn’t give. Don’t hate her for realizing that someone out there is better for her. Don’t hate her for finding out the truth you tried to hide from her. Don’t hate her for doing what’s best for her like you always did what’s best for you. TC mark

Rania Naim

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