You Are The Past I Can’t Revisit

Allef Vinicius

You’re the soft words
I no longer know how to say.
You’re the optimistic love
that never thought of heartbreak.
You’re the honest conversations
and pure feelings.
You’re all the firsts
I can’t take back.
You’re the love songs
I once believed in.
Now my playlist is broken
with all the goodbye songs.
You’re the fight I fought
when I had the strength
to fight for what matters.
Now I just let go.
Now I don’t even try.
You’re the fairy tale
that once consumed me.
Now I live in my reality
protecting my heart from
anyone who reminds me of you.
You’re the innocence of love.
I gave my all to you
and now I can only
love in doses.
You’re the past I can’t revisit
because you’re the lesson
I needed to learn.
You’re the burn
that left a scar
reminding me
to stay away from
blazing flames.

You’re the last thing
I knew about real love.
You’re the last person
I loved with all my heart.
And I don’t know what’s worse —
knowing I can’t turn back time
and change the way I felt
or knowing that I wasted
all my love on you
and you had
the best pieces of me
that I can’t even find
in myself anymore. TC mark

Rania Naim

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