Fall In Love With An Artist

Alexandra Gorn

Fall in love with an artist because they’ll infuse color into your world. With words you’re not used to hearing and gestures you’re not used to seeing. They’ll admire your beauty and appreciate your flaws. They’ll turn you into a piece of art because to them, you’re a masterpiece. You’re a song waiting to be written, a portrait waiting to be painted and a story waiting to be told.

Fall in love with an artist because artists they will turn your pain into art, they’ll show you how your pain shaped you into a better person, they’ll tell you stories about people who survived hell and heartbreak and loss and got back up again. They’ll sing to you songs that soothe your aching soul and they’ll know how to comfort you even if they can’t comfort themselves.

Fall in love with an artist because you’ll always be art to them, you’ll always be their muse, you’ll always be their inspiration. Fall in love with an artist because artists never forget. Once you enter their hearts, you’ll always be there; as a memory, as a picture, as a song, or a story. They’ll turn you into art — beautiful art.

Fall in love with an artist because artists don’t know how to love softly or half-heartedly. They love like there’s no tomorrow. They give their all. They don’t hold back. They don’t leave words unsaid. They don’t know how to give bits and pieces of their heart. Artists give their all, they give their messy minds and their restless hearts. They tell their deepest secrets and their painful stories. They show you their scars and how they healed themselves. They show you their strengths and their vulnerabilities. They bare their naked souls to you.

Fall in love with an artist because artists don’t follow the rules. They don’t believe in dating games or love rules or laws of attraction. They don’t judge you based on your looks or your ethnicity or your religion. They’re old souls and they look for the connection, the depth, the intimacy and the romance. Fall in love with an artist because they’re hopeless romantics even if they have a tough exterior. They fall head over heels. They will give you the world, only if you let them.

Fall in love with an artist because artists may seem crazy or weird or eccentric but they are kind and passionate and soulful. They push you to do things you’re scared of. They accept your individuality. They make you believe in dreams again. They make you believe in miracles and magic. Fall in love with an artist because it means you’ll always be loved and you’ll never be forgotten. It means you’ll never be replaced. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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