Sometimes Reality Is As Pretty As It Looks On Social Media (It’s Not Always Fake)

Josh Rose

I have a love-hate relationship with social media. Sometimes it makes me happy when I get to share certain milestones or accomplishments with friends and family and see their achievements and accomplishments but sometimes it depresses me when I see what’s happening in the world, how people interact with one another and the games people play when they like someone. In a way, I feel like it curses a lot of relationships or even ends them before they begin just because we stalk then assume and we can’t ignore what we found out, what we saw or what we read.

But on some days — like today — social media gives me hope. It shows me a glimpse of a better reality. Better stories of real love, of dreams coming true, of babies being born, of people expressing their undying love to their friends and family. Sometimes it’s filled with love and it makes me believe. 

It makes me believe that you can turn your dreams into reality.

When I see all these friends doing big things, starting their own company, traveling the world, singing, writing, acting, or doing something they’ve always wanted to do, something meaningful, something everyone thought would be impossible but they fought so hard to make it happen. It inspires me, because I know these people, I call them friends, colleagues, acquaintances. I know it’s not a show. I know it’s not fake. I have solid proof that you can do what you love. You can conquer your fears. You can live the life of your dreams. You can be happy. 

It makes me believe in real love.

Maybe even fairytales. When I see all the wedding posts and videos and the different stories they tell. The high school sweethearts who made it till the end. The best friends who fell in love with each other after years of claiming that they’re just friends. The exes who got back together stronger than ever. The heartbroken girl who found the right man to mend her heart. The man who ended up marrying the one that got away because she came back. The ones who fell in love way too fast because they just knew. The ones who are so different yet their love is bigger than their differences. So many beautiful stories that prove to me that love has no rules, it has no boundaries, there’s no right or wrong, there’s no timeline. It just happens and it could be magical.

It reminds me to appreciate the important things in life.

One post about appreciating your parents can prompt you to call them. One inspirational video can push you to buy a book or listen to a podcast that can change your life. One article can make your day a little brighter. One message from a friend you haven’t heard from in a while can remind you that you need to stay in touch with your friends more. One prayer can reawaken your faith.

And I know that a lot of people say that what you see on social media is fake, it’s a show, and I mostly agree, but to an extent, because sometimes the things you see are also so real. They are messages these people are trying to send to the world. It’s a glimpse of their reality. It’s a glimpse of their heart. On days like today, I’d rather believe what I see on social media than what I see in real life. On days like today, I want to see someone smile from their heart. I want to believe. I want to dream. I need hope. I need beautiful shots based on true stories. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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