This Is What Happens When You're A Deep Thinker And A Sensitive Soul

This Is What Happens When You’re A Deep Thinker And A Sensitive Soul

You analyze everything so deeply and you overthink everything you do and everything you say. You don’t give yourself a break and you’re always too hard on yourself.

You take people’s words seriously, you try to interpret exactly what they meant or how they said things. You drive yourself crazy because part of you wants to ask them why they said that and the other just doesn’t want to sound insane.

You see the world in black and white because you can’t be in the middle, you can’t settle for grey, you don’t know how to half-feel, half-love or half-live. You’re either all in or all out. You either give your all or you feel empty all the time.

You’ve been called too many things; too sensitive, too deep, too emotional, too serious, non-chill, crazy, indecisive and my all-time favorite, an idealist.

You always feel like you don’t belong. You have this inner struggle to be present in life but most of the time you don’t really feel connected to your environment or the people around you. That’s why you thrive when you work alone or when you’re isolated from your routine.

You crave love most of the time but you don’t like to put yourself out there much. Your heart is fragile and hopeful so when you don’t get the affection or the love you were looking for, it breaks you and then you shut yourself off from the world because you need time to heal. Even if it wasn’t anything serious, even if it was just a fling and even if it was just a one-sided crush.

You’re always trying to find meaning behind everything. Meaning behind your pain or your heartbreak. Meaning behind your losses and the lessons you’ve learned. You can’t just live without trying to find answers to the questions you have.

You have a special relationship with God and the universe. Sometimes you feel deeply connected, like you are one and your bond is so strong and powerful, but sometimes you feel so distant, like you don’t understand the universe anymore and sometimes it feels like it’s you against the universe and that’s a battle you can’t figure out how to win.

When you’re both a deep thinker and a sensitive soul, you probably have insomnia, your bed is the place where your thoughts and fears haunt you all at once and it’s where you question everything you say and everything you do. It’s where you question yourself, life, God, love and everything in between.

But when you’re both a deep thinker and a sensitive soul, you have something special, you have art, you have magic within you, something about this unique pairing fuels the fire within you to be someone worth remembering, to do something extraordinary for the world, to use all the madness inside you and turn it into wisdom. You become an alchemist, transforming your pain and darkness into gold.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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