Maybe You’re A Hunter But I’m A Lover


You like to hunt your lovers. You like to chase them. You like them to trick you and play mind games with you. You like them when they’re mysterious and hard to read. You like them unavailable because now you have something to work for, something to achieve, something to unravel and something that’s hard for you to get when you’re used to getting everything so easily.

I’m a lover though. I like to love them. I like to get to know them and make it clear that I’m only interested in them. I like answers to hard questions. I like deep conversations and honesty. I like to know if we’re both on the same page or if we’re reading different books. I like to keep it real. I like transparency. I like things that are easy and straightforward. My life is already hard, I don’t want a love that complicates it. I want the kind of love that makes it all better, the kind of love that makes the hard days a little easier.

You look the anticipation of waiting for a text, you like to keep guessing if you’ll get a response or not, you take your time crafting the perfect message so you can engage in a battle of wits, in a battle of who is sexier and smarter and a battle of who cares less. You like to plan your dates weeks apart so they can miss you, so they can think it’s over before you pop up again, you like to keep them guessing, you like to keep them on their toes, you like to keep them unsure about your feelings for them because that’s how you stay on their mind. That’s how you guarantee they’ll never forget you.

I like to text whenever I feel like and get responses that keep the conversation going. I like to be myself and speak my mind without thinking twice about what I’m saying or how it will be interpreted. I appreciate words and communication and I want someone who makes it easier to communicate. I like long dates and solid plans. I like consistency and knowing that someone will be there when they say they will, knowing that someone is excited to see me, knowing that someone is invested because that’s how you stay on my mind, that’s how you become unforgettable.

It’s fascinating when someone is not afraid to show they care. It’s sexy when they make the effort and it’s mind blowing when they tell you how they feel about you.

You see, the difference between us is that you like hunting but you don’t know what you’re hunting because you don’t want to actually catch anything, you just like the thrill of the hunt, the adrenaline rush, the things that don’t last but I like to love. I like to show that I care. I like commitment. I like intimacy.

I like the things that you can’t hunt. I like the things that can only be found once you stand still, once you stop running, once you stop being afraid and start being soft. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.


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