You Said You Would Be There


You said you would be there
when I need you,
when I’m all alone,
when my world falls apart
you said you’d come find me
but when I called
you didn’t answer
when I looked for you
I couldn’t find you
yet I decided to make
excuse after excuse
for your absence
I said maybe he’s busy
maybe he doesn’t know
maybe he thinks I don’t need him
maybe he’s falling for the person I’m pretending to be
strong, cool, calm and collected
but then I remember the night I opened up to you
and showed you who I really am
when I was vulnerable and allowed you
to touch every part of my heart
and every part of my soul
that was the night you said you’d always be there
that was the night I believed you
but that was also the night you lied.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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