12 People Reveal The Worst Dating Advice They Ever Received

Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell

1. “To keep chasing the guy until he caves in. Why would I want my story to be I chased him into loving me? It should be mutual and both of you should make the effort, not just one person.” – Brittany, 25

2. “To be mean to the girl I like because girls don’t like nice guys, I did that with a girl once and it was pointless, at the end of the day, my sweet and caring personality will always emerge and she will eventually know who I really am.” – Josh, 32

3. “Playing hard to get. It’s the worst, unless you’re dating a boy in high school, a mature man will not be fond of games or a girl who likes to play them.” – Carrie, 26

4. “To wait a few days before texting her, I mean the good thing about us men, is that it’s easier for us to make the first move, if I’m going to text her anyway, why would I wait a week or a few days to text her? You have to strike while the iron is hot.” –Seth, 27

5. ” The worst advice that many people still give is to wait a few days before texting back or wait 24 hours to respond to his text. If a man likes that, then he’s not my man. I like to respond on time because I’m always on my phone so I’m not going to act like I’m so busy that I didn’t have time to respond. It’s just nonsense.” – Sarah, 28

6. “To stalk her so I can find the common interests, sometimes it takes away the whole excitement of getting to know someone and letting them share the details with you instead of judging based on her Facebook profile.” – Robert, 29

7. “To say that I’m ‘unavailable’ the first few times he asks me out, I’m not going to change my plans for him but if it happens that I’m available, I will not act like I’m not, some guys actually take that as a sign that you’re interested and might not try again.” – Mia, 25

8. “To flirt with her friends so I can make her jealous. I don’t know how that works for some people because it gives the opposite impression, it tells her that I’m more interested in her friends than her.” – Rick, 26

9. “To be ‘chill’ and cool around him, I’m so not chill and you can usually tell right away if I’m really into a guy and acting like the cool girl makes me awkward and contradicting. I know being too obvious is not the best way to get a guy’s attention but I think the right guy will find that endearing.” – Jenny, 24

10. “To blow up her phone if she ghosted me, this won’t make her change her mind, it will just make her think I’m a crazy guy with no pride. The message is clear, she does not want me to talk to her.” – Ryan, 23

11. “To stay friends with someone I have feelings for. Well it’s not really the worst because it works for some girls and they eventually end up with the guy but it is for me because I can’t stand the idea of seeing him with another woman or hearing him talk to me about her. I hate to be in this position and pretend like I’m not hurt and burning inside.” – Laura, 29

12. “To not tell her how I feel. Honestly, sometimes all a girl wants to hear is that you’re really into her and you want to date her instead of beating around the bush or playing all these dating games. I’m a lot more honest now than I used to be, simply because lies are just a waste of time and won’t get you anywhere.” – Sean, 32. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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