You Want Games, I Want Love

Brynna Spencer
Brynna Spencer

You like mixed signals and vague responses
I like honesty and clear messages
You like challenges and riddles
I like peace and finding solutions

You like to be unsure of where we stand
You like to be somewhere in between
You like it undefined
So you can define it

I like to be sure of what we’re doing
I like to know that I’m the only one
I like to know that this is something real
I don’t want another blurred relationship

You like options and choices
You like to be with a different girl each day
I like consistency and stability
I like seeing you every day

You want to take your time until you’re ready
I like to jump right in and make myself ready
Because life is too short to wait
It’s too short for maybes and almosts 

You want things complicated
Because that’s all you know
I want things simple
Because that’s all I need

You want games
I want love
You want to play
But I’m not a toy. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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