When You Say You Love Her, Mean It

 Still Miracle
Still Miracle

When you say you love her,
say it like you mean it,
say it because she’s the only one,
say it because you can’t hold it in anymore.

Say it because you want to stay,
say it because even if things get hard
you’ll never leave,
say it because you want her forever.

Say it because you’ve been with many
and no one made you feel this way.
Say it because you’re willing to do whatever it takes
to make her yours.

Say it because you’d rather live alone
than without her.
Say it because your heart keeps telling you
she’s the one.

Say it because you know if you don’t
someone else will
and you’ll never forgive yourself
if someone else held her hand.

Say it because you have to,
because every inch of your body
is screaming love
and it’s making you fearless.

But don’t say it if you don’t mean it
because she’ll believe it
and she’ll give you her heart
because you promised you won’t break it.

Because when you tell her you love her,
she’ll be on top of the world
and nothing can bring her down
except you saying that you don’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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