Quit Making Excuses And Believing Them

 Brooke Cagle
Brooke Cagle

Quit saying he’s not texting you because he’s busy, you know that even on your busiest days, you still make time for those you care about.

Quit saying she’s not calling you because she’s shy. She might be, but that will never stop her from wanting to hear your voice.

Quit saying that he’s not making an effort because he’s not ready, even if he’s not ready, he could still let you know what you mean to him and what his intentions are.

Quit saying that she doesn’t know what she wants when she’s hesitant about you, a girl always knows who she wants.

Quit saying that he’s not defining the relationship because it’s too soon and quit settling for an almost relationship or a casual one when you want more.

The truth is the more we love someone and the more we want them, the more excuses we make for them just to keep them in our lives — just to find a reason for them to stay.

We justify to ourselves their actions (or lack thereof) so we can sleep at night, we kiss ourselves with lies instead of slapping ourselves with the truth.

But the thing about excuses is that they don’t change, we’re just numbing the pain not healing it and we’re just fooling our hearts not mending them.

Did you ever ask yourself why the jerk who ghosted you is now prince charming with his new lady? Did you ever ask yourself why the heartless bitch is now flooding her Instagram with pictures of her new man writing sweet and romantic captions?

The answer is because they truly care, because they truly like that person, because they want to win them, they want to keep them and they want to let them know how much they love them.

When we make excuses for people who don’t give us much in return, we’re only letting them know that they can get away with treating us poorly, we’re telling them that’s it’s okay to treat us like we’re not important.

Because while we’re so desperate to keep making excuses for them so we can keep them in our lives, they’re not.

And sometimes it’s better to excuse ourselves instead of making more excuses for people who don’t want to be part of our lives. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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