10 Ways A Guarded Woman Shows You That She Likes You 


1. She gives you a chance. It may sound like a simple move but a guarded girl has trouble letting people in because she’s protecting her heat, but if she’s giving you a real chance to get to know her, that means you’re special.

2. She opens up. Even if it’s silly stuff; like her favorite color or her favorite song, if she’s sharing some information about herself, she’s feeling comfortable with you and slowly but surely she’ll share deeper things.

3. She initiates contact. Guarded girls usually wait until they’re 100% sure you’re into them, but if she’s initiating contact from time to time, this is a clear sign that she likes you and she’s willing to take the risk.

4. She doesn’t shut you out. When you get closer or ask more personal questions, she doesn’t shut you out or walk away, she answers your question or tell you bits and pieces about herself. Even though she’s uncomfortable, she lets you see through her walls.

5. She tells you she’s guarded. If she openly says she’s guarded, she’s subtly letting you know that the reason why she’s taking it step by step is because she’s scared not because she doesn’t like you.

6. She remembers the little things. If she brings up something you mentioned months ago or something she noticed on facebook, that’s her way of letting you know that she’s interested in you and your life but she doesn’t want to reveal how much she really knows.

7. She’s there when you need her. A guarded girl will still go out of her way for you if you need her. Even though she’s scared herself, she still shows up when things get rough and shows you how much she truly cares about you.

8. She gets close to your friends. If she’s making an effort with your friends, it’s because she wants to know more about you from someone who actually knows you. It’s her way of finding more things about you without directly asking you.

9. She lets you invade her personal space. If she’s used to walking alone in the park or watching the sunset in her secret place but she lets you join, it means she trusts you and it means she’s really warming up to the idea of not being alone anymore and sharing her life with someone again.

10. She does things that are ‘out of character’. She could comment on one of your pictures or send you a silly text or a joke. Things like that don’t really come naturally to her, so if she’s doing that with you, she likes you and it’s only a matter of time before she lets you know how much.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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