I Don’t Care About Beginnings Anymore, I Care About What’s In-Between

 Jena Postma
Jena Postma

Beginnings are easy, beginnings are usually sweet and endearing and beginnings don’t really require that much effort from anyone.

But it’s the in-between that counts, the in-between that matters, the in-between that determines the future of the relationship and shows what you really mean to someone.

It’s easy to be nice at first but it’s harder to stay nice when things get hard.

It’s easy to be charming and loving when all you see is the best version of someone, but it’s hard to remain loving when you start to see the flaws.

It’s easy to say all the right things because no one holds you accountable to anything but it’s hard to actually do the right things when you know someone is expecting more of you.

Beginnings don’t say much, it’s the in-between that says it all, it’s the in-between that tells you how things will end.

Because beginnings end quickly when there is nothing in-between and beginnings can feel like endings when you have nothing more to hold on to.

I’ve always fallen for beginnings, for the people who sweep me off my feet, for all the wonderful ‘firsts’ one experiences, for all the highs that come with the first message, the first date, the first kiss but then it all goes way when you have nothing after that.

What’s the point in having firsts when you don’t have seconds and thirds? And what’s the point of all the highs when they’re bound to drop shortly after? 

I learned to fall for in-betweens; for consistency, for effort, for words that don’t change and for actions that speak louder than words.

Because when you have an in-between, you will probably have a clear ending. An ending that’s defined, an ending that probably makes sense, you will get closure or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to get no ending at all if the in-between lasts.

But to reach an ending you don’t only need a beginning, you need an in-between, you need a story, you need something in the middle and you need a connection. You need something to connect the beginning and the end.

I want to start things that will not end right away, I want to start things that don’t end at the first sign of trouble or when things get hard and I want to start things that could potentially give me my happy ending. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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