10 Things You Should Stop Justifying To Others If You Want To Simplify Your Life 

 Evan Batky
Evan Batky

1. Your career. Or lack thereof, you shouldn’t justify why you’re doing what you’re doing to anyone else — whether they think you have more potential, overqualified or under-qualified. It’s your choice and it doesn’t have to win everyone’s approval.

2. Your dating choices. You don’t have to explain to anyone why you like this person or why you’re still hung up on your ex or why you’re still talking to the person who broke your heart. It’s your heart and not everyone — including yourself — will understand it.

3. How you spend your money. Whether you save too much or don’t save at all, as long as it’s your money, no one should tell you how to spend it.

4. Your social media posts. Whether you post too many selfies, vindictive quotes, political views or anything that comes to your mind, no one should make you feel guilty for expressing yourself. It’s your only platform and you have the right to make it on your own.

5. The new friends you made. As long as you can relate to them and they make you happy, that’s all that matters.

6. Your lifestyle choices. Whether you go out too much, or stay in a lot, whether you party too hard or chill all the time. These are all the ways you unwind, the ways you find peace in your stressful days and all the ways you recharge. You don’t have to change your ways to please others.

7. Changing. You shouldn’t have to apologize or feel bad for changing, it’s also called growing up or putting yourself first and it’s essential for your personal growth and development even if people don’t like it.

8. Failure and mistakes. Also known as ‘learning’ and a lot of people find it hard to accept. You shouldn’t justify your mistakes to anyone because they probably have their own too.

9. Why you changed your mind about something (or someone). People will give you a hard time, they’ll call you a quitter, they’ll call you unstable, they’ll call you many things when you make contradicting choices, but in a way, it’s how you learn what you want and what you don’t want and you shouldn’t be wasting your time clarifying this to people. Keep learning.

10. Who you’re becoming. When you focus too much on how people will react to everything you do or what they’ll say, you lose yourself and it can set you back and keep you stuck in your comfort zone. The best way to grow, is to keep more things to yourself instead of sharing everything with people, and if you do, don’t feel the need to defend every single choice or justify every single action.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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