We’re Only Fooling Ourselves When We Say We Don’t Want Love

 Natalie Allen
Natalie Allen

What’s the point of having everything when you have no one?

Sometimes the beautiful things in life are less beautiful when you have no one to share them with.

Sometimes the best of nights turn cold when you have to come home to an empty house and you have to sleep alone.

Sometimes the darkest hours seem longer when you have no hand to hold.

Sometimes your biggest fears are magnified when you have no one to go to or a hug that makes you feel safe.

Sometimes the phone has no use when you don’t have someone you can call or text randomly, when you don’t have someone who makes you smile.

And sometimes you can have everything and still feel empty if you have no one. Sometimes it’s all about that one person who can turn your world around.

They tell us that in time, we’ll find that person, that in time, it will all be better, that timing is everything and we should just focus on ourselves — and we do, we act like we don’t want anyone, we act like we’re happy on our own, we act like loneliness doesn’t haunt us but then we look back and realize that this whole time something was missing, there’s a void that can only be filled with someone else.

That we are not born to just keep doing things by ourselves, to ourselves, we are not born to keep suppressing our needs in order to survive.

What’s the point of surviving when no one truly cares about your life?

Because the louder things get, the busier life gets, the more you long for stillness, for comfort, for safety and for peace. And you can’t find them in your room at night because sometimes being alone in your room brings all the demons that terrify you.

Sometimes your place of stillness can be your place of destruction when you have no one by your side.

Because the happiest people are not those who have everything, they’re the ones who have someone to go home to, someone they love, someone that makes them smile and someone that makes them realize that life is only good when you’re sharing it with someone else.

The void in your life is not something that you lack or something you can fill on your own, this void is your heart and soul crying for someone to complement them — crying for someone to bring them back to life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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