They’ll Never Understand And I’ll Never Explain

 Everton Vila
Everton Vila

If you’re wrong,
I don’t want to be right.
If you’re bad news,
I want a catastrophe.
If you’re the one everyone runs from,
I want to run to you.

Why do people feel the need to tell us,
how we should feel?
Why do people feel the need to protect us,
from the one thing that makes us feel safe?
Don’t they understand that sometimes
all you need is one person
who turns your world around.
And don’t they understand that once
your heart is set on someone
it will not beat without them.

Don’t they know that when a heart wants someone,
it will not listen or believe anyone,
because you set my soul on fire
and you give me something I’ve only dreamed about
so why do they want to turn you into a nightmare?

Why do they want me to wake up?
Why can’t they just let me sleep?
Why can’t they just let me dream?
Because maybe this time it’s not a dream,
maybe this time, it’s real.
Maybe this time, I can make you love me. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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