In The Most Romantic City In The World, I Didn’t Miss You


When I was in Santorini, I was surrounded by the beautiful beaches, the breathtaking views, the gorgeous sunsets and the romantic vibes that imbue the city at night.

These moments usually trigger feelings of nostalgia whether for someone you love, someone you miss, someone you wish could be there with you holding your hand as you walk down the dreamy streets of the city. I thought I was going to miss you but I didn’t. I thought I was going to think all night about you but I didn’t.

Maybe because you had to chance to join me on this trip and you refused or maybe because you had a chance to be with me and you didn’t take it.

All I can think of was I shouldn’t miss you when you could’ve been here and you chose not to, I shouldn’t miss you because you decided not to share this amazing experience with me. I shouldn’t miss someone who’s not missing me.

I saw so many couples there and I saw so many proposals there and they made it look so easy.

I’m sure he was busy with work too but she desperately needed a getaway with him, so he made that compromise because it’s worth it — because she’s worth it.

I’m sure he could’ve gone fishing with his friends but he chose to be with her no matter how ‘cheesy’ it may seem.

I’m sure he waited months and months for a trip like this so he can finally confess his love and propose.

The more I saw how effortlessly people loved each other there, the more your reasons started to sound like lame excuses.

The more I saw what someone does for the one they love, how caring and affectionate they can be, the more your ways made me feel like you don’t even know what love is.

And I wasn’t asking for a proposal, I wasn’t asking for a grand romantic gesture, I was asking for a companion to join me in one of my favorite places in the world. I was asking for someone to complete this experience by just being there; watching the sunset, watching the stars and taking in the beauty of the city together.

And if that’s too much for you, then I’m too much for you.

I didn’t miss you because when I thought of you, I felt lonely, I felt like I can’t feel your presence and I wasn’t going to let the thought of you stand in the way of my happiness and stand in the way of exploring the beauty of the world.

The world is beautiful and I’m going to see it with or without you.

And I really wanted to see it with you but it looks like you want to see it alone — or with someone else.

And even though I thought I was going to miss you, I decided to find myself away from you. I decided missing you was going to be a waste of time.

But I promised myself, the next time I’m back in Santorini, it will be with someone who wants to watch the sunrise with me and maybe even propose as the sun goes down — because it’s worth it — because I deserve itThought Catalog Logo Mark

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