You Were Looking For A Vacation And I Was Looking For A Home

I wasn’t looking for a place to spend a few days in, I was like for a place to spend forever in, a place where I could live and grow old in, a place where every corner holds a special memory and every wall has a picture that tells a significant story.

I wasn’t looking for room service and perfectly folded sheets, I was looking for messy tables and crinkled sheets from the fun of the night before, from the comfort of being ourselves without being too careful not to break anything or make too much noise. I was looking for the good kind of mess, the mess that you can clean up the next morning because you know where everything belongs and the mess that proves that we had yet another unforgettable night.

I wasn’t looking for a map or a pamphlet telling us where to go and what to do, I wanted us to get lost together, figuring things out as we go, taking the long way home, finding our own little spot, making memories in every alley.

I wasn’t looking for a temporary stay, I was looking for the rest of my life.

But you, you wanted a getaway, a vacation, somewhere pretty to spend a few days in, something quick and easy so you can forget your troubles for a little while and somewhere you can visit but not live in.

And I’m not the one you visit when you feel like it, I’m not a place of convenience, I’m not a place you can book.

I’m the home you live in, the home you come back to when you’re tired because it comforts you, the home you need when you want to feel safe, the home you run to when you need to be understood and the home you go back to when you need to feel loved.

I’m the home you can’t leave no matter where you travel or what you see, no matter how many extravagant houses  you see or luxurious neighborhoods you visit, I’m the home you’d never give away, you’d never sell — the home you’d never move out of.

I’m the home that can’t be summed up in a bunch of pictures or captions or selfies or a few funny stories. I’m much deeper than that, I’m the home that holds your soul and the home that has your heart.

You wanted a short vacation but you rented the wrong place. This is why you never had fun and I never let you in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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