You Are The Answer To All Your Questions

 nhi dinh

nhi dinh

I’ve come to realize that the answer to all your questions lies in one word.


You have all the answers to your questions and you have the solutions to your problems.

Even the things that are out of your control, you can still choose how to react to them and how to respond to them.

You have the ability to move on from heartbreak and find solace in being single or wait for someone who won’t break your heart. You have the courage to live without someone you thought you couldn’t live without and you have the wisdom to learn from your heartbreak just as much as you learn from your love.

You have the knowledge to change your career if you’re unhappy in it. You have the resources and the tools to find something better, something more convenient, or better yet, you have the power to chase your dreams.

You can feel good about your body and your looks even if it doesn’t fit the modern beauty standards. You can still find beauty in your flaws and you can teach yourself how to accept them and appreciate them just as you do with your loved ones.

You can choose to look at your failures as detours rather than dead ends. You can choose to see them as a compass leading you to the right direction.

You have the strength to get back up after hitting rock bottom and you have the tenacity to start over.

Sometimes things take time, sometimes it takes patience, sometimes it takes sacrifice — but it always takes you.

It always needs you.

Because this is your life. This is your destiny. And you’re still here for a reason.

Your life is constantly calling you. And it will always be your choice whether to pick up the phone or let it go to voicemail. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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