Stop Asking For Signs If You’re Going To Question Them


Stop asking to know if he/she is the one and then keep chasing them when they start pulling away. Stop wondering why they left when you asked for a sign to show you if they’re right for you.

Stop asking why you got laid off or fired or why you suddenly feel unhappy at your job when you asked for a job that makes you happy and a job that motivates you.

Stop asking why you suffered or why you lost people when you asked to be surrounded by people who are loyal to you and people who will always love you and accept you.

Stop hating the universe for answering your difficult questions. Stop asking the universe to give you what you want if you’re not ready for it.

Because sometimes the blessings is not in what we get or in answering our prayers exactly the way we want them answered, sometimes it’s the exact opposite.

Sometimes your sign is exactly the one thing you’re afraid of losing, the one person you didn’t want to leave, the one friend you thought would never betray you.

The signs are there to guide you to what is right for you, they don’t favor anyone and they don’t give you the answer that will please you. The signs give you the truth — this is why asking for a sign requires you to be brave and ready for the answers you will get.

Because the signs are never wrong, it’s the way we interpret them according to our convictions that makes it more complicated, but the signs don’t change and they don’t falter.

Don’t ask for messages if you don’t plan on responding to them.

I used to think that universe doesn’t love me because it never granted me what I wanted no matter how many times I asked for it, until I realized that it granted me what I needed to grow, to learn, to mature and to strengthen my faith in it.

Asking for a sign means you have to be prepared to question your faith, yourself and your life, but it’s amazing what happens when you’re open to seeing the signs as they are, without trying to question them or twist them.

Signs don’t have to be miracles or grand gestures, sometimes they’re as simple as someone not texting you back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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