Even If I Get Lost, It’s Still My Way

 MacKenzi Martin
MacKenzi Martin

This is my journey, this is my road and I am entitled to navigate my transition from one place to another according to my own directions, according to my own GPS.

This is my road and I don’t have to make the first right I see, maybe I want to drive a little longer or stop for a few minutes to take in the beauty of nature and the beauty of Earth.

I’m the driver and I don’t have to keep up with all the cars speeding next to me, I can take my time driving, I can take the first or last exit, I can keep driving as long as I want to and I can change the final destination along the way.

This is my road, this is my journey and I don’t have to always arrive on time, I don’t have to follow the directions and I don’t have to always know where I’m going. Maybe I just want to drive and see where it takes me. 

The road is full of surprises, sometimes there will be a lot of traffic and you’ll have to wait for hours stuck in your car, thinking about your life. Sometimes you will see an accident or even get in one and it will terrify you a little bit, but it will be another bump in the road to teach you how to be a better driver.

Because you don’t really learn by arriving as much as you learn by driving. You don’t grow when you’re found, you grow when you’re lost.

Maybe what makes life interesting is the question not the answer, maybe the thrill of seeking is what keeps us going, maybe we all want to be a little lost and maybe we all secretly want to be wanderers because when you wander, you have a chance to find something better than what you had in mind, when you wander, you have a chance to find something that will amaze you, something that will leave you speechless.

Because magic doesn’t happen when you’re standing still, it happens when you’re moving, it happens when you’re exploring and it happens when you’re pursuing something bigger and better than you — something bigger and better than what you’ve been taught.

This is my road, this is my journey, and even if I get lost, I will find another way, even if I don’t know where I’m going, I’m bound to stumble upon a sign that will take me to where I need to be.

As long as it’s my way, as long as I’m the driver, I’m bound to find my home and find myself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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