A Thank You Letter To Cristiano Ronaldo

 Cristiano Ronaldo Facebook
Cristiano Ronaldo Facebook

Thank you for making the non-soccer fans believe that they can achieve their dreams anywhere in the world with passion, confidence, determination and faith.

Thank you for showing the world that hate and criticism can be the fuel you need to set a fire and shine brighter than anyone else, thank you for showing the world that haters can only make you stronger.

Thank you for showing us that you’re human too, that you sometimes get angry, curse and cry, that your judgments sometimes fail you, that you don’t always know the right thing to do but you never stop learning and improving.

Thank you for teaching us that it’s okay — and sometimes necessary — to be our biggest fans, to love ourselves and believe that we’re the best even when people disagree.

Thank you for showing us that it’s healthy to flaunt our talents, to be proud of the gifts God has given us and to shine when it’s dark.

Thank you for being an example that kindness will always win, that no matter how successful and rich you are, it all means nothing if you don’t give back.

Thank you for teaching us not to settle for a life of mediocrity and how to pursue a life of passion and greatness.

Thank you for fighting for your dreams to come true and thank you for teaching others how to fight for theirs.

Thank you for inspiring us that nothing is impossible, that you can rise to the top and stay there if you have the will, the perseverance and the faith.

Thank you for always showing up for your country, for not forgetting where you belong and for always being proud of your humble roots.

Thank you for giving thousands of people hope, for giving them a reason to believe, for giving them an example to follow and for giving them something to believe in.

Thank you for being so much more than just an athlete or a pretty face or a public figure. Thank you for giving us a life of inspiration, a life of passion and for teaching us the art of falling down then standing up taller and stronger.

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