We Are All Still Kids At Heart

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Why do people hate growing up so much? I think it’s because it takes away the right to get away with being a child about things; like throwing tantrums, breaking the rules, making mistakes or just living irresponsibly – without worrying about anything.

We grow up but we always long for our childhood because we miss who we used to be before the world changed us.

We still get excited when people ask about us or tell us they love us, we still get excited about gifts and birthdays and cake. We still love those who pamper us, those who shower us with compliments and attention.

We still need a warm hug every now and then and we still need a shoulder to cry on we’re down.

We still get mad when things don’t go our way, we still don’t like hearing the word ‘no’ or getting rejected, we still hate it when we want someone who does not want us back and we still hate feeling ignored or neglected. We still don’t know how to deal with abandonment.

We still cry when we’re hurt, we still breakdown when we’ve had enough and we still throw tantrums when we’re inconsolable.

We still want to break the rules and run away from our lives. We still want to be young, wild and free.

We still want to be our parent’s favorite and we still want reassurance from our friends, we still want to feel important, feel like we matter and feel like people miss us when we’re absent. We still want to feel like we’re special, like we’re extraordinary, like we’re not like the other kids.

And we never stop dreaming.

We never stop dreaming about the house we want to live in, the car we want to drive, the vacation we want to take and the person we want to love.

We never stop dreaming about being a doctor, a lawyer, a singer, an actor or an engineer. We never stop dreaming about being successful and changing people’s lives.

And we never stop dreaming about happiness.

Sometimes I think that we age but we never really grow up.

For how can you give up the parts of you that make you feel alive, and how can you give up the instincts that make you human.

We’re all still kids at heart wishing we could break free from reality.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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