I Know You Still Care

 Noah Kalina
Noah Kalina

Is it true?
That you no longer care
That you’ve forgotten what we had
That you don’t go through our pictures
And miss the way I made you smile
Or miss me? 
Is it true?
That you say we’re strangers now
That you don’t know me anymore
That you wouldn’t even recognize me
Even though you would
In a crowd full of people
You know you would
Is it true?
That you don’t want to know
What I’ve been up to
That you’re not curious anymore
About how I live my life

No it’s not true
Because you still didn’t block me
And I know you’re looking
Because you accidentally like things
And you accidentally say things
And these things reach me
Because you want them to
It’s not true
Because if it was
I wouldn’t be here, writing this
And you wouldn’t be there, reading it
Because if it’s true
I wouldn’t be thinking about you
And you wouldn’t be talking about me
Because if it’s true
I wouldn’t be guarded
And you wouldn’t be aloneThought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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