Following Your Mind Can Break Your Heart Too


People tell you that if you don’t want to get your heart broken, follow your mind instead, because the heart is blind, but people don’t stop to think for a second that the mind can be blind too, the mind can make hasty decisions and the mind can be irrational.

The truth is it doesn’t matter which one you follow because they could both be wrong.

And they can both be right.

My problem is the notion that the heart is stupid and the mind is brilliant, when it’s actually the complete opposite in some cases. From time to time your heart can actually be the one thing that makes sense, the one thing that moves you and the one thing that makes you brave.

Your mind likes to think, over analyze and worry; thinking of worst case scenarios or complicating simple things. Your mind can confuse you and lead you to different directions and different conclusions.

When it comes to feelings, you can’t feel with your mind and if you do, you will never truly know how you feel.

Because following your mind or your heart is not the answer, the answer is to follow something, to take a chance, to take a leap of faith, to move, to experience and to learn.

I followed my mind before and still got heartbroken. Following your mind doesn’t come with insurance for your heart.

Whether you follow your heart or your mind, there is one thing they both have in common — they can both cause you pain.

The one thing I learned about the mind/heart conflict is that eventually they will both agree with each other, after a few battles, they tend to come to the same conclusion even if takes them years to get to it. When your mind is clear and your heart is pure, they find a middle ground, the find balance and they ease your anxiety.

But if you wait until they both agree on something or someone, you’ll be waiting forever. The funny thing about the mind is that it works only after you’ve activated it and plugged it into something and the heart works after it’s already fallen for someone.

Ironically, they both don’t wait for you to move them, they move you.

So whichever one you decide to end up following, make sure it brings you one step closer to what you want, make sure it reflects you and make sure to defend it when people accuse it of being stupid or blind or naïve or irrational. Make sure you protect them both from the judgments of others.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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