When You Realize He’s Not The Exception


When you realize he’s not the exception, you start looking back at all the red flags you dismissed, like the time he forgot to respond to your text, or the time he disappeared for a few days because he was ‘busy’ or the way he talked about his ex and then you wonder how could you not have known that he was going to be just like the rest of them.

When you realize he’s not the exception, you start finding things about him that he never told you, you start questioning who he really is and if he was just putting on a show to get your attention and then it all starts making sense; the contradictions, the half-hearted smiles, the distractions and the inconsistency. You realize that all the excuses you made for him were nothing but pretty little lies you told yourself to believe that he’s the exception.

When you realize he’s not the exception, you start remembering all the times he wasn’t there for you and the times he couldn’t give you what you truly wanted and you remember the times he took your patience for granted. You remember that he wasn’t as genuine and honest with you as you were with him and you remember that he could’ve said more and done more, but he didn’t really want to take that plunge; not because you weren’t worth it but because he still needs to learn how to swim.

When you realize he’s not the exception, you start reflecting on your dating history and how you always fall for the same type of guys who can’t really give you what you want yet you stay, you try to be patient and understanding and then they always leave. You begin to understand that maybe you just pick the wrong ones, the ones who enjoy being alone and independent and like having many options, the ones who like to play games and be challenged and the ones who really don’t know how to love or what love is. You realize that it’s the same scenario because it’s almost the same guy.

When you realize he’s not the exception, you start to understand that if he was, he would’ve treated you exceptionally. He wouldn’t have left you questioning anything after the fourth date, he would’ve done more to keep you, he would’ve said more to show you how much he cares, he would’ve been there for you like no one else ever was and he would’ve never went days without talking to you, simply because he just can’t go a day without hearing your voice. He would’ve made the effort to show you that he is not like all the other guys you dated and he would’ve made things clear very early on because a guy just knows if he wants to be with you and he knows how to make it happen.

When you realize he’s not the exception, you wait for the exception, you forget about him and all those who couldn’t really be there for you or give you what you want, you walk away from anyone who doesn’t appreciate you and you learn next time to stay away from those who think they’re the exception but they’re clearly just like the rest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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