When You Look Back, The Little Things Are Not So Little

 iStockPhoto.com / svetikd
iStockPhoto.com / svetikd

I’m starting to believe that the big things are in the little things. Because it’s easy to show up when the whole world is expecting you to and it’s easy to be there when you’ve been taught to show up for the big and the important things.

But it’s the little things that actually matter, the things that don’t really cross anyone’s mind unless they truly care about someone. The things that most people forget or most people ignore, the things that people are not going to be blamed for missing and the things that differentiate someone who cares, someone who pays attention from someone who doesn’t.

It’s the text at 7 am in the morning wishing you good luck or telling you you’re strong or telling you you’re beautiful.

It’s the warm hug you get that piece you back together when you need it the most even though you didn’t ask for it.

It’s the call you get when you’re upset telling you to get ready because you’re not going to stay home alone dwelling on your misery.

It’s the ears that listen to you when you feel so lost, so misunderstood and so hopeless.

It’s the look of sympathy that makes you feel that someone shares your pain and someone understands it.

It’s the sweet comment on your post or on your picture that puts a smile on your face.

It’s the silly snap you get when you’re having a bad day and someone is trying to cheer you up.

It’s playing your favorite song over and over again and then dancing with you so you can shake all your worries off.

It’s holding your hand when you’re giving up so you can know that there is someone else to lean on.

It’s the shoulder you cry on when you don’t want anyone to see your tears.

It’s the message describing everything there is to admire about you and how much you’re loved.

It’s sitting in silence with someone who can hear it and someone who can embrace it.

It’s the tiny things, the little things and the small gestures that actually make all the difference.

Because everyone shows up when something major happens, but it’s when you’re completely alone, trying to get through another day, confused, tired of the same old story and about to fall sleep that you long for those little things.

It’s when the whole world is quiet that the little things make the loudest noise.

And sometimes all you need is noise; a sweet distraction from the piercing silence.

And sometimes in the dead of the night, the little things make you feel alive.

For it’s always the little things that mean so much more than the big things and it’s always the little things that you miss the most when you’re all alone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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