This Is What Happens When You Date The Girl Who’s Unsure About You

Paolo Cipriani
Paolo Cipriani

Guys often complain that women like assholes and they let the nice guys go, but women have the same problem too, they think men like bitches and they let the nice girls go. Lately this scenario seems all too familiar; a guy is crazy about the girl who’s unsure about him while the nice girl is waiting for him to make up his mind, but it all just ends the same way, the girl who’s unsure about you will break your heart.

She will keep you in the grey area without putting a label on your relationship because she is exploring her other options; looking for a better replacement.

She will make plans with you only when she has no other exciting plans or only when she wants attention.

She will make you question your self-worth and constantly make you feel like you don’t deserve her. 

She will make you plan things and even book things and might cancel on you at the last minute.

She will not always reply to your texts and her responses are going to be short and vague.

She will not try to get to know more about you or ask you intimate questions about your life.

She will not meet your friends or bring you around her friends because she doesn’t want to make things official.

She will always blame you for anything that goes wrong simply because she doesn’t even want to try.

The girl who’s unsure about you will always play mind games with you to make you feel like you’re not good enough or that she is not completely yours so you can give more and do more because she is a ‘prize’ that needs to be earned.

She will make you feel like she has options and she can easily replace you and she will always be busy with something other than you.

She will never be all in and she will never put you first.

You will wonder why this is happening or why she can’t see how amazing you are or much how you love her, you will ask yourself too many questions and you might end up driving yourself crazy, but that’s not going to change the fact that she will still be unsure about you.

She will make you feel the way the girl who’s sure about you feels. You will now understand what it feels like to be on the other side; the side of mixed signals, confusion, frustration and unrequited attention.

She will make you wonder why it’s always the ones you don’t want that want you and why you just can’t get it right.

But one day you will realize that you deserve better, you deserve more, you deserve someone who appreciates your effort and attention and wants to define things to make sure no one else stands a chance.

You will realize you deserve someone who lifts you up instead of making you question your self-worth and you deserve someone who doesn’t leave you with unanswered questions or treats you like an option.

You deserve someone who makes you sleep at night knowing that you’re the only one.

And that day, maybe you will realize that life is too short to be with someone who’s unsure about you, and maybe that day you’ll finally decide to give the girl who’s sure about you a fair chance. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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