I’ll Never Get Tired Of Writing About Love

Paolo Raeli/
Paolo Raeli/

I’ll never get tired of writing about falling in love, the way a simple text can make you smile, the way their eyes light up when they’re happy, the way their body moves when they’re passionate about something and the way we look at each other. I’ll describe it all in details and I will tell the whole world how beautiful it is to fall in love with someone and how there are not enough words to describe the beauty of this feeling and the euphoria it brings.

I’ll write about all the firsts; the first time we met, the first time we held hands, the first time we kissed and the first time we both knew. I will write about how it felt, how it made me feel, how I knew, how I could be wrong but I want to try, how it’s changing me and how it’s making me happy. I will write about love because I want to people to believe in it. I want people to believe it still exists and that it’s heavenly.

I’ll never get tired of writing about heartbreak, about the excruciating pain of losing someone who meant the world to you, or the wounds that you’re left with after someone leaves you or the dreadful journey of letting someone go. I will write about the agony of breaking up and the insanity of almost relationships and the cruelty of ghosting. I will write about how it feels to miss someone, how to move on because you deserve better, how to forgive them when they’re not sorry, how to forget them like they did and how sometimes things are just not meant to be.

I will write about heartbreak so I can understand it, so I can try to break it down, so I can try to make sense of these scars and these bruises and I will write about it so I can heal, so I can let it out, so I can breathe again and I will write about it to know that I’m not alone, to tell others they’re not alone either, and to remind myself that where there is love, there is bound to be heartbreak.

I’ll never get tired of writing about the love I haven’t found yet, I’ll never get tired of dreaming about it, how it will feel, how it’s supposed to be, how it will be everything I ever wanted and more, how it will ease my loneliness and how it will make me forget all about my heartbreak.

I’ll never get tired of writing about late night conversations and long walks on the beach, about weddings and vacations and concerts and passionate kisses and I’ll never get tired of writing about who they will be. I’ll write about how supportive and kind they will be, how empathetic and strong they will be and how they will reassure me that they will never leave, and I will write about how I plan to love them, how I plan to give them my all, how we will heal each other as our love grows and as our hearts intertwine.

I will write about the love I haven’t found yet because I want to believe it’s there, I want to feel like it’s so real that it actually manifests itself to me and I want to write about it so that I can remind myself that people are still capable of loving, people still hope for that one big love and how everyone is searching for love.

I write about the love I’m searching for because I want to find it and if I don’t, I’ll still write about not finding it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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