Distance Can Be Heartbreaking Or It Can Be Liberating

 Paolo Raeli
Paolo Raeli

Distance can teach you many things about people and about yourself. It’s heartbreaking when you have to be away from someone you love but at the same time it’s liberating.

Distance teaches you what life is all about; people coming and people going. People leaving and people staying. Distance teaches you how to survive on your own.

Distance lets you know who’s worth keeping and who’s worth letting go because it’s the distance that shows you what you truly mean to people and if they will remember you as much as you will remember them.

Distance shows you who was in your life out of convenience and who was in your life out of love. Because it’s easy to love someone when they’re in the same city and when they can see you anytime, but it’s when you’re apart and they’re distracted by a million different things that their love is truly tested.

But if distance makes the person even more distant then there is no point in holding on to someone who wants to be set free.

Because here’s the truth about distance; it makes the heart grow fonder only if this heart was already entirely enthralled by you but it makes the heart grow colder if this heart was already unsure about you.

Distance can be a valid excuse as to why something won’t work and something won’t happen and it can be a valid reason to fight for someone and prove your love to them.

Distance is a clearer way of showing where our hearts really stand with someone or how we really feel. Will they miss us? Will we miss them? Will they think more about us? Will they forget about us? Will they be spellbound by all the new attractions and temptations? Or will they remember us and think we’re irreplaceable?

And distance changes people, it changes their beliefs, their values, their lifestyles and it changes their hearts.

So if a person feels so far away then they were never near to begin with and maybe we confuse attachment with love and maybe we confuse closeness with commitment.

Distance is the hardest reality check, it tells you who’s gone and who’s not coming back, it breaks your heart when you know that things will never be the same again and it makes your world darker and filled with loneliness.

But distance also gives you space to grow, space to learn, space to explore your world, space to wander on your own and space to let go of all the thing you can’t control.

And occasionally, when you’re too busy living your life, when your mind is confused and your body is tired, distance sends your loved ones back to you  and gives you a chance to start all over again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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