I Shouldn’t Have Left You

Aily Torres
Aily Torres

I thought it would be easy
to tell you goodbye
I just wanted to leave,
I didn’t even want to try

But as the days passed by
and as the nights got longer,
my love for you
kept growing stronger

Until the truth hit me too soon
that you are where I belong,
that leaving you was a huge mistake
and everything without you feels wrong

Your warmth protected me from the cold wind
and your love saved me from all the lonely days.
I never thought that one day I would think
that you would be my favorite place

And when I was depressed
your memories made me smile,
the thought of coming back to you
made it all worthwhile

And as I wandered through the streets
and saw all those beautiful things
nothing ever brought me joy
the way a random day with you brings

And when I dealt with the people
and they kept disappointing me
I longed for the kindness of your soul.
For in your heart, I’ll always be

Now I know you are my home
and I don’t even want to look anymore
all this time I was running away from you,
just to realize you’re all I was looking for. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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