25 Things You Forgot To Thank Your Soul Sister For

Ed Gregory
Ed Gregory

1. For understanding you when you couldn’t understand yourself.

2. For being patient enough to listen to you babble on about everything and nothing with a smile on her face.

3. For forgiving you when you were too self-absorbed to ask about her.

4. For understanding your unusual love choices because she probably has the same taste.

5. For being selfless and inspiring you to be a better person.

6. For being just as crazy as you are and encouraging you to embrace your inner weirdo.

7. For being the best wing woman and telling you when and how many times your crush has looked at you.

8. For getting your lame jokes and loving them.

9. For replaying your silliest and goofiest snapchats and sending goofier ones back.

10. For letting you borrow her favorite dress for whatever occasion you had and didn’t mind you spilling wine all over it.

11. For helping you write and re-write the text message you’ve been wanting to send and taking out all those emojis.

12. For knowing when something is wrong with you even when you try to hide it, and then doing what she has to do to make it better.

13. For going out of her way to make you happy even if she had a bad day.

14. For always pointing out the good things in you and pushing you to love yourself.

15. For all the happy memories she brought into your life and for giving you so many amazing experiences to look back on.

16. For loving your weird family just as they are.

17. For supporting your plans whether you stick to them or not.

18. For remembering important job events and sending you sweet messages about them.

19. For thinking about you and sending you pictures even when she is traveling.

20. For letting you have the last slice of pizza.

21. For holding you when you couldn’t stop crying.

22. For signing up to all the odd yoga classes you’ve been wanting to try.

23. For talking you up in front of everyone; making you feel like a queen.

24. For always being honest with you, even if it’s not what you want to hear.

25. For being in your life. Simply she just makes your life better in every possible way.  Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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