7 Ways The Chase For Perfection Will Set You Back

“Perfect is the enemy of good.” ~ Voltaire
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Twenty20 / heyyehblog

When we strive for perfection, we strive for something that is not attainable, not tangible and perhaps not possible. In a world where nobody and nothing is perfect, why do we search for it within ourselves? And why do we expect it from others? Here is why we should relinquish perfectionism.

1. Perfection can take a toll on our general well-being. It can make us doubt who we are, or be content with who we are becoming. There will always be something that is imperfect in us that we need to perfect but we shouldn’t let that dictate who we are.

2. Perfection is bad for business. Perfection may actually hurt our work if we continue to overlook our minor victories, or fail to manage our own resourcefulness and capabilities. Pursuing excellence is far more rewarding that pursuing perfection. Not only is perfection impossible, it also very subjective.

3. Perfection doesn’t leave room for risks. Perfection lets us play it safe. We often shy away from taking risks that are not thoroughly calculated or studied. We limit our horizons by sticking to what we know and trying to perfect it, which will most likely limit our progression personally and professionally. The benefits of stepping out of our comfort zones outweigh the benefits of seeking perfection

4. Perfection causes more stress. Perfection is associated with higher blood pressure, anxiety, and constant stress.  This almost goes without saying when we try to attain something that we can’t really grasp, when we stress over something we can’t completely comprehend.

5. Perfection makes us lose perspective on the things that actually matter. When we focus on being perfect, or being in the perfect moment, or finding the perfect partner, we fail to see the beauty in small things, or enjoy life’s simple pleasures. It takes away the moments that could take our breath away.

6. Perfection can reinforce insecurity.  Perfection can be a sign of insecurity for certain people, the insecurity that they are not good enough and they always want to be seen as flawless. Once they fail to reach the state of perfection they desire, their insecurities will only resurface stronger than before.

7. Perfection is impossible. It really comes down to this: We can’t be perfect, and we can’t sustain our perfection, because times change, people change and even our idea of perfection changes. Maybe perfection lies in just embracing life’s imperfections and detaching ourselves from pursuing the “perfect” life. In her book Eat, Pray, Love-Elizabeth Gilbert points it out. “Maybe my life hasn’t been so chaotic. It’s just the world that is and the only real trap is getting attached to any of it.” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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