30 Things You Forgot To Thank Your Best Guy Friend For

Paolo Raeli/
Paolo Raeli/

1. For listening to your “girly” stories and trying to understand them.

2. For accepting your love-crazy phase, your dramatic phase, your rebellious phase or any other random phase you went through.

3. For being your call to the rescue when you are in trouble.

4. For being your call to the rescue when you are heartbroken.

5. For giving you the best guy advice and making you realize how clueless you really are.

6. For keeping your secrets–the ones you can never tell your girl friends.

7. For forgiving you when you drifted apart because the guy you dated didn’t like how close you two were.

8. For hanging out with you at the most random times in the most random places.

9. For helping you send that text without looking like a fool.

10. For letting you interrupt him while he is watching an important game to tell him something.

11. For being the best & funniest wing-man.

12. For standing up for you when someone hurts you.

13. For picking you up when you didn’t have a ride.

14. For being your plus one to the awkward family wedding you didn’t want to go to alone.

15. For tolerating your obsession with Gossip Girl & One Tree Hill without judging you.

16. For telling the girl he dates that you are his real best friend.

17. For liking all your selfies.

18. For introducing you to the new (somewhat disgusting) slang and things guys talk about.

19. For blocking all the douchebags from talking to you when you are out having fun.

20. For being the brother you always wished for.

21. For staying in touch when you moved away.

22. For being your biggest fan and supporting all your bizarre endeavors.

23. For telling you he won’t date a girl unless you approve of her.

24. For caring about your problems and asking you about them until they are no longer bothering you.

25. For helping you get over your heartbreak by making you laugh hysterically.

26. For letting you crash guys night when you had no one else to go out with.

27. For letting you see his softer and more romantic side when he is in love.

28. For telling you the truth no matter how hard it is

29. For reassuring you that you will always be his best friend even if you don’t see or talk to each other as much as you used to.

30. For being the only man in your life who will never walk away. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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