10 Ways Youngest Children Love Differently

Unsplash Kevin Schmitz
Unsplash Kevin Schmitz

1. We want to be with someone we look up to. We’ve always had someone to look up to growing up and it helped shape our identities and attitudes. We look for the same thing in a partner. Someone who can inspire us to be better and someone we can go to for advice.

2. We have peculiar interests and opinions. Youngest children always had unusual ways of getting attention and they developed that talent as they grew up. We think outside the box compared to other people, which is why we look for a partner who is open minded and can embrace our  idiosyncrasies.

3. We are free spirits. We want someone to embrace our child-like spirit. Younger children are usually free spirited and goofy. We still have the youngest child mentality where we joke to get out of situations or tease our older siblings. We want someone who can take our jokes.

4. We are going to fight for you. We are used to fighting for the things we want, and protecting our precious toys from our older siblings. This is why when we love someone, we are willing to do whatever it takes to protect them and make sure no one comes near them.

5. We will push you to break the rules. It’s in our nature to break the rules and do things we shouldn’t be doing, but this always worked for us and made our lives a lot easier and more delightful. We may push you to do things out of your comfort zone but we promise it will be fun.

6. We are extremely supportive. We were always proud of our older siblings and their smallest accomplishments. We will do the same for our partners, we will always brag about them and make sure the whole world knows how proud we are of them.

7. We are sensitive. Not like we used to be, but we still are. We’re afraid no one will take us seriously or respect us enough, so we may get upset over little things and throw hissy fits but we will also be very sensitive towards our partner’s feelings and we will be very careful not to hurt them.

8. We may ask for a lot of reassurance. Since we were always compared to our siblings who mostly did things better than we did, we can be a little insecure if we don’t get enough reassurance. We are working on getting rid of this issue but we do appreciate someone telling us we are doing just fine.

9. We have a lot of untold secrets. For youngest children, childhood and secrets go hand in hand. Our rebellious nature and our need for attention pushed us to do things that no one knew about. We never told our parents or our siblings what we did but we want to tell our partners about them and we want our partners to embrace them.

10. We are loyal. Since we are usually very picky, when we pick a partner, we are sticking with them forever. We will be loyal till death do us part. We appreciate love and family and we are going to cherish our partners until the end of time. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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