To Enjoy The Rainbow, You Must First Enjoy The Rain

Twenty20 yogitheshooter
Twenty20 yogitheshooter

Raining and dripping all over my heart
My arteries are bleeding to death
Blood and water intertwined as one
Losing each and every breath

I lay on the floor as the rain keeps pouring
Ready for the final goodbye
As I collapse, I start to slowly breathe again
Maybe God doesn’t want me to die

The morning after, the sun light infiltrated my heart
Could it be the beginning of the end?
My heart started beating again better than before
Could it possibly be a miracle, heaven-sent?

My heart started dancing to its own beat
Pumping shades of vividly bright light
My heart knew that the rainbow has finally found it
After the rain has gone, they finally reunite

They say the darkest hour comes right before dawn
And sometimes pain can wound each and every vein
But my heart has taught me the essence of life
To enjoy the rainbow, you must first enjoy the rain. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Writing makes me feel alive. Words heal me.

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