5 Hashtags You And Your Childhood Besties Just Can’t Get Enough Of

Twenty20, mlagestam
Twenty20, mlagestam

1. #RealityCheck

You never have to pretend to be someone else, and if you dare to, they will call you out on the spot. They probably know you better than you know yourself and will tear down any mask you try to wear. The best thing about your childhood friends is that they are not afraid to hit you with the truth and they know when you are putting on a show that other people may buy, but it will not fly with them. They will always keep you grounded when you truly forget who you are, and if you try to fool them, they will make a fool out of you. They also accept the difficult person you can be sometimes be, and will never love you any less. They know you need them the most, when you are being hard to love, and they will always be there to give you that love you need.

2. #WeGoWayBack

They become the family you choose for yourself. Sometimes they are even closer than your immediate family. When you’ve done everything together and shared your lives together for over a decade, you are bonded forever. It’s hard to recreate all those shared memories and the history you have with your childhood besties—no matter how cool your new friends are, it’s just not the same. They’re who you call when you’re down. They’re who you call when you’re happy. They’re who you call when you’re being silly. They’re who you call when you’re drunk. They’re who you call when you’re heartbroken. They’re who you call when you’re lost. They’re who you call when you don’t even want to call anyone. You should always be thankful for your childhood best friends, they truly are a blessing that we sometimes take for granted.

3. #Backbone

You walk through life with a sense of strength and safety. You tend to be stronger in facing difficult situations or difficult people. You know you have a solid group of friends who will literally do anything for you, and will never disappoint you. You often can’t even relate when you hear stories of best friends backstabbing each other. Your friends are your shield. You also know through experience that they will always have your back. They empower you to live boldly, because you know that even if the whole world conspired against you, they will be the force to fight whatever comes your way. You will never be left alone and you will always have someone to lean on.

4. #IThinkIFoundMyselfACheerleader

They are your cheerleaders and your biggest fans. Every time I think of my best friends, I picture that scene from Legally Blonde, when Elle’s friends show up in court, cheering her on. In every other aspect of life, big or small, they will always be in the front row cheering you on, telling you that you are still a rock star even when you having a 2007 Britney meltdown. They believe in you and they know what you are capable of because they’ve been with you throughout the years, and they know when you can be too hard on yourself. They will like literally everything you post on social media, and fly miles and miles away when there’s an emergency. Your childhood best friends will always be the catalyst that pushes you forward, helping you to achieve your dreams.

5. #RelationshipGoals

They give bae a run for his money. Whether it’s sending you super cheesy texts, planning birthday surprises, wishing you good luck on that presentation you’ve been fretting about all week, or letting the whole world know how proud they are of your accomplishments, your childhood best friends will always challenge bae to step up his game. Their love for you intensifies whenever you’re dating someone new—it’s their way of marking their territory because you have and always will belong to them. They are also the first ones to do some extensive research and thorough investigation on bae, and will always be the ones to pick up the pieces of your broken heart when bae breaks it. They set the bar high. They are the ultimate definition of unconditional love. Your childhood besties are the true loves of your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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