You Are No Longer Mine, But I Wish This For You


I wish you everything I couldn’t give you, but so much more than this, I wish you enough.

I wish for you, great things…as many of the magnificent, beautiful things that you need to sustain your life-your world. If you ever grow restless, I wish that you never again have the desire to run away from all of the things that you love. I wish you enough strength to always fight, just enough fight to face all of your struggles head on until they no longer exist as struggles.

When this battle is over and behind you, I wish you enough steadfastness within yourself to simply hold on and hold still with what’s in front of you. Know that life sometimes moves on without you and what was once in front of you is no longer visible.

Don’t run, it’s all still there.

Just hold steady and be content with your life’s pace. Just enough to be consistent. Just simply be you.

I promise you, I promise you that you and you alone is enough.

Be secure in this; for this is your strength. You; beyond measure.

Look at yourself. Never, never lose sight of your immeasurable strengths. Accept that sometimes darkness simply prevails; see yourself through the dark.

Sometimes you’ll win and sometimes you’ll lose, but please never again lose yourself.

If you ever become lost, as we all inevitably do from time to time, I wish you an undying friendship that is alive just enough to help you find your way.

I wish for you just enough silence to appreciate the vast, open infinite beauty that it is. It exists parallel to us; silence. Make it as alive as you are. It holds limitless possibilities. There is sheer power in its existence. Respect it and use it but never let it swallow you. The ebb and flow of life is such a wordless mystery but nothing speaks louder than life. It defies all words and our senses but we feel nothing stronger.

I wish that, by you grasping this mystery it invokes enough intrigue within you to provide you with just enough stamina to cope with life when it gets hard.

If life gets hard, I wish you enough victory to pull through these challenges without losing it all. If you lose it all, I wish you to never lose everything. If it grows dark all around you and you become lost, I wish you just light to always find your way. When it all breaks, as things always seem to do, I wish you just enough clarity to know when it’s necessary to pick up the pieces and when it’s not.

Then, I’ll wish you just enough courage to take on the ever-difficult task of putting it all back together. If, after putting it all back together, it’s still broken and in a million pieces, I wish you the courage to know that you have to simply let it go.

I wish you infinite knowledge; know you’re strong enough to suffer this loss and bounce back stronger, enlightened and free. For you took on life and didn’t pass it up. You gave it your best shot and that will eternally be more than enough.

Your best will forever be enough. You alone, will forever be enough.

You have always been everything you are. You existed long before I wished all of this for you. Learn to be content in this; for this is your weakness. Sometimes it’s ok to simply gather your thoughts and rest; lay your head on whatever path lies before you. For this is your life and it’s in front of you. This is your only chance.

Wishing is the first step and the beginning. There is no ending, for this is everything you’ll need forever. It’s enough; it’s simply enough. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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