4 Reasons Why Your Heartbreak Can Be The Best Thing To Ever Happen To You (If You Let It)

Shuji Moriwaki / flickr.com
Shuji Moriwaki / flickr.com
When a heart breaks, it breaks. Wholly, messily and into little pieces. It is impossible to ignore the pain as it whirls in the pit of your stomach. You will think, constantly, of everything that might have gone wrong. You will try to think of which mistakes you made. There’s this movie you’ve created in your mind — of all the good things and happiness — and you will constantly replay this in your head. Only to add to your existing pain.
There’s no way to accurately describe a heartbreak. It’s different for everyone but one thing remains — it’s unbelievably painful. And while it may be easy to let the pain take over your lifestyle, know that it’s also one of the best things to happen to you. Here are 4 invaluable things you can take away from it:

1. You get an excuse to change your look.

Get a new foundation. Cut your hair. Buy a new dress. Do anything that makes YOU feel a different way. I’ve always had extremely long hair but after a heartbreak, I decided to go short even though most of my friends and family disagreed with my decision. But I’ve learned it’s not about them, it’s about me. I want to be known for my intelligence and kindness, not for my long locks or beauty.

2. You gain insight.

Heartbreaks are messy. But there’s always a lesson to be learned from it. However, sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes, it just didn’t work out or maybe they just weren’t a good person. But for me, I always like to look back and think, “Did I react gracefully?” the answer, most of the times, is no. But I’m learning. I am gaining patience and grace. It comes slowly — sometimes at an expensive price — but each day I am getting better.

3. You get stronger.

Emotionally and physically. Take the heartbreak, let it hurt you but come back stronger than ever. I always like to start a new workout regimen; it gives me something to look forward to and while gaining strength physically, I can feel myself getting better emotionally too.

4. You sympathize more with others and start to give back.

It hurts like hell but now you have a way of understanding pain. Pain is an emotion and it ranges in severity. The pain you feel is different than the pain a person suffering physically may feel but it IS still pain. Learn to use it as a guide in empathizing with others. I have always been extremely sensitive but I found that, after a heartbreak, I find the content of international news weighs more heavily on me. Take this time to educate yourself about what’s happening in Syria, Ukraine or even in your neighborhood. You will see that it resonates with you in a different manner.

Take care of yourself and realize that, no matter what happens, good things happen to those who stay positive and do good for others. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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