Love Lessons Learned From Early ’00s Hip Hop Videos

“Hey Ma”Cam’Ron featuring Juelz Santan

Lessons Learned: It’s good to have discussions. Confident young men will still appreciate you when you make mistakes (denim bikinis.)

“I Need a Girl” P.Diddy featuring Usher and Loon

Lessons learned: Guys just want someone they can chill with. When they’re single and heartbroken, they have freaky wingman. “You was more than my girl, we was like brothers” is the goal you should have in mind at all times.

“One Call Away” Chingy

Lessons learned: You can meet someone at any old place, even the bank. A good relationship will begins political conversation, and peaks with your see-through thong.

“I’m Real” Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule

Lessons learned: Try to look as heavenly as Jennifer Lopez at all times. Natural sensuality defeats any game any day. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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