18 Very Simple Things You Can Do Each Day To Make Life More Enjoyable

Bonnie Kittle

1. Read. Read at least a book in a month. It is one of the modes to help you know yourself and understand people better.

2. Sing. Sing for yourself. It will make you happy.

3. Listen more. I can’t stress enough on this. You’ll know people and how they think and how they feel even when they don’t say anything.

4. Don’t hold on to people who don’t want to hold on to you. Period.

5. Walk around once in a while, you’ll get to appreciate the surrounding you’re living in.

6. Forgo the past. It has never done anybody any good. Embrace the present to love the future.

7. Voice your opinions. If you won’t let people know what you think or feel, they will never know.

8. Be nice. But definitely, not to anyone and everyone. And there’s no compulsion.

9. Do whatever you do without expecting from anyone. That way, you’ll like what you do.

10. Take time. Learn things you’ve been wanting to. Guitar, language, gaming, anything.

11. Write letters. There’s nothing more beautiful than writing letters to people who mean something to you.

12. Smile. Cry. Fight. Laugh. Jump. Get angry. Act just like you feel.

13. Walk out of places you don’t like or you’re not comfortable in.

14. Appreciate people. Tell them what you like about them, a gesture, their look, anything. Let them know you notice, and you appreciate.

15. Shut down once in a while. Cut off virtual world. Sit down with yourself, introspect. Know yourself.

16. Do what you like, what you love, what you are passionate about. And, what can make you happy.

17. Travel. Go to places, near-far, anywhere. Live in cheap hotels. Walk. You’ll understand how life works in places other than yours.

18. Love, love, love. Life is short. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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