9 Weird Things We All Secretly Do That We’re Too Embarrassed To Admit

1. Pretend you’re texting someone when you went the wrong way or when you’re simply alone in a public.

Let’s be honest, our phones are our lifesavers when it comes to awkward moments. There’s no question in that.

2. Wash your face as quickly as you can because you’re scared.

You just can’t remove that dead person that you might see when you look back in the mirror, or you feel like someone is watching you while your eyes are shut. You just CAN’T.

3. Pretending you’re a professional singer once you step in the shower.

Don’t we all love our voices when we sing in our bathrooms?

4. Thinking you’re a successful Hollywood star on a late-night talk show.

You just need to fictionally discuss your success story and all the awards you got.

5. Clearing your search history because you’re not sure if you searched something weird.

Did I creep on someone? Did I read a nasty article? Let me just clear my search history.

6. Making sure that both of your feet are under the covers.

Let’s face it, we don’t want to risk getting pulled down or touched by an awful night creature.

7. Pretending the microwave is a bomb and you try and stop it before it runs out of time.

That’s just how cool you roll.

8. Calculating how much time has passed based on the songs you played.

Please, we’re all guilty with this one.

9. Have imaginary conversations out loud.

Most of the wittiest arguments that you deliver in real conversations were primed and in imaginary conversations beforehand. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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