6 Valuable Lessons You Can Learn From Every Friends Character

1. Change is not that bad

The series started when Rachel Green called off her wedding to a successful doctor and ran off her affluent family, only to find herself in a coffee house with her old best friend, Monica. And that’s how she welcomed change. She lived in a small apartment with a roommate, and pays her bills by waitressing in Central Perk. She basically turned her back from old luxurious life and was able to find a way to stand on her own feet, discover her own self, and find her true happiness.

So I guess stepping out of your comfort zone is not that bad, right? Sometimes you just have to take that leap of faith – no matter how big or small it is. Maybe the thing that scares you is just the exact thing you should do. Because oftentimes, life is all about that risk you take for a vision that no one else can see but you.

And surely there is nothing more satisfying than doing what people say you can’t.

2. If it’s meant to be, no matter how long and difficult it takes, IT WILL HAPPEN.

Ross Geller, typical nerd guy who had a crush on Rachel since forever. Finally they got together on Season 2 but ended up parting ways after Rachel finds “the list.” However, on the last few episodes of Season 2, they got back together again but ended up breaking on Season 3. The turn in Ross and Rachel’s relationship goes on and on again – for goodness sake they even had a daughter but no, they are not married (yes that’s how crazy their relationship is). Luckily they FINALLY happened on Season 10 – for good.

What’s meant to be will always find its ways – at the right time, at the right place, and at the right circumstance. Don’t give up hope.

3. Even being organized has a limit.

Monica Geller is none other than the control freak of the group. Throughout the series you heard about her towel categories (everyday use, fancy, guest, fancy-guest), her job portfolio when she helped Chandler find a career that he loves, and of course her being in-charge on Phoebe’s wedding.

But the truth is, you cannot control everything that’s going to happen. There are times wherein the universe won’t go your way, but that doesn’t mean your life is over, you just have to sit back and let life happen.

4. It is never too late to find your true calling

There is always that one person who discovers his true passion a little later, and that’s Chandler Bing. Trapped in his job that has something to do with numbers, he decided to quit and find his passion.

Sometimes, you have to make that bold move because at the end of the day, your passion should be your paycheck so you don’t have to work a single day of your life.

5. You choose your own happiness.

Phoebe Buffay is the quirkiest person in the group and you can’t deny the fact that even though she was the most unfortunate – her mom committed suicide, her father went to prison, and she lived by her own on the streets of New York at the age of 14, she’s the happiest. The reason behind this is that she chooses to overlook things and accept that life will not always be in her favor.

You should not focus on how stressed you are, but focus on how blessed you are. Remember that no matter how messy your situation is, there’s always someone who faces a bigger mess than you. Furthermore, you should not put 100% care on what other people think, learn from Phoebe, no matter how untalented she is when it comes to singing and playing the guitar, well at least she’s happy. You have one life, use it to live for you, not for other people.

Live simply, and you have to let the rest to the One above you.

6. Even a person who goes from one person to another can fall in love.

I’m sure you remember Joey Tribbiani who went out with almost all the women in New York City. But do you remember Joey getting hung up with Kate – his coworker on a play who is in a relationship with the director? Or that time when he fell in love with Rachel?

Never judge a person because you never know when and how that person will change.

All in all, we all learned that Friends TV Show made us jealous of their group and left us wishing that we could have one like it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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