19 Struggles Of Working In A Call Center


1. When your heart dropped because you thought the consumer heard you call her a bitch. THANK GOD FOR THE MUTE BUTTON!

The oh so sacred mute button enables you to happily declare what a fuck-boy your caller is too empathetic co-workers.

2. The adrenaline rush you get once you realize that there is four or five seconds downtime on average between calls, truly cherishing them as if they were your last.

3. Painful morning meetings.

“Let’s see some enthusiasm today, If you smile on the phone, customers can hear it in your voice!”


Managers: have you ever considered the fact that we’d be a lot more thrilled if you didn’t keep making us sing Justin Bieber songs all day.

4. Coming in early just to start up your computer and a million programs.

We have to be at our desks at 9 am sharp, but the computers are old and used and the programs you need to do your job take at least half an hour to load. And no, they don’t want to pay you for that time either.

5.“The software is back up and running now.”

Sigh, I just got logged in to my email.

6. Secretly celebrating when a caller who’s being totally out of order asks to speak to your manager.

They think you’ll be disciplined but in reality, your boss comes to laugh about how much of a dick he was.

7. Not wanting to be on the phone on your day off.

Seriously just fucking text me you insensitive asshole. The phone is now ruined forevaaaaa

8. “Call Centering” on your cell phone.

Your friends ridiculed you as soon as the heard “Good morning this is ______ from _______ how may I help you”

9. Forgetting the phonetic alphabet halfway through spelling something out ‘S for Sanity’ as you can’t remember ‘Sierra’

10. The joyous cry you have when you get to work to be told that the systems are down.

11. And when it all gets too much you “accidentally” hung up.

12.When a call comes in a minute before your shift ends and you have to pray it’s not a long one.

13. When you called her a he

It’s surprisingly difficult sometimes to determine whether its a man or woman on the line.

14. Getting asked a million times a day to be put on the “do not call list”.


15. Dealing with the insane amount of drama within the workplace on top of doing your job.

Gossip travels, FAST!

16.When someone calls to have their number removed and keeps you on the phone for 15 minutes explaining how many years they’ve had that number.

This is annoying af when you have daily goals that you’re REQUIRED to hit in order to keep your job. Time is money lady, literally!

17. When An Older coworker talks about how they have been working there for 18975675 years

Oh god, no am I going to die here?

18. Starting As A ‘Temporary Thing’ And Still Working There Years Later

This must be how they got stuck here for so long. I’ve been fantasizing about my ever so epic resignation for months now!

19. Being told every day to “Get a real job”

You’re so right, your job as a fast food crew member sounds like a dream… JACKASS! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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