7 One Sentence Reminders About Your Career You Need To Hear When You’re Professionally Exhausted


‘Tis said that there’s a joy in working with those who are accomplished. It takes your own work a few notches higher. But that’s not it; you also reflect, imbibe and grow better with the best. In my career spanning 9 years, here are a few professional life hacks, one of the most proficient people I’ve worked with has taught me… And 
these are sure to give you some food for thought.

1. Loose talk is for the weak and petty

The next time you’re around someone who’s getting personal, passing a judgement and not pausing for thought or coming up with any logical reasoning whatsoever… know that it’s because they have none. Either they’re insecure and jealous or they simply want to put someone else down to make themselves feel better. None of which are productive for your life or your brain cells. Your best bet is to stay away from it. Remember: the strong focus, work hard and take action; the weak, talk.

2. Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, neither does the lack of it

It’s true. There’s always someone watching you. And ultimately, your work reflects it all… When you’re appreciated, you naturally know why. But when you’re pulled up for not doing something (third party involvements aside), instead of wallowing in self-pity, stop and think about it, you’ll almost always know why.

3. Nothing and nobody is indispensable

This is a ‘golden’ life lesson to remember. No matter who you are or what you’re doing, you are NOT indispensable. There is always someone waiting in line, who’d give an arm and a leg to be where you are. So don’t ever take your position for granted. Make that a mantra. The moment you get the, ‘I’m indispensable and invincible feeling’, snap out of it. You’re not Iron Man!

4. Self-entitlement and a strong sense of self aren’t the same thing

People often confuse the two. When someone is self-entitled, they inherently always want more and think they innately deserve what they’ve got, despite having done nothing much to earn it. So if it’s all ‘me-talk’ and eventually, everything is about them, it’s self-entitlement… Not a confident individual with a strong sense of
self. Certainly not something you should aspire to be. If you find someone who knows their strengths, is willing to work on their weaknesses and understands what makes them who they are, you’ve got yourselves a role model.

5. Being fair trumps personal equations

Yes, it’s human tendency to side with/have a blind spot toward the people we like or get along with. At a work place or outside of it. But personal equations shouldn’t colour your objectivity. What’s fair is fair. If the person you like is in the line of fire (or something like it), go with the truth. Remember, you sleep with your conscience.

6. Communication is key

Like something? Spell it out. Feeling slighted? Express it. Want something? Specify it. Need help? Ask for it. Nobody can read your mind and chances are, nobody wants to. Nothing personal, but everybody has their own stuff to deal with. So if you don’t communicate and never discuss your issues, they’ll never be addressed. And the only person that it’ll affect, is you.

7. The right attitude will take you a long way

We all have bad days once in a while. We all have lives aside from work, which will not always be hunky-dory. We all have disappointments to deal with, at work and otherwise. Well, we’re human and shit happens. But, as hard as it may be, you’ve got to have the right attitude if you want to go places. Brood less. Smile more. Keep your
game face and attitude handy, at all times. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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