5 Real Reasons Coffee Shops Are The Best Places To Get Work Done

Flickr / Porsche Brosseau
Flickr / Porsche Brosseau

I’m obsessed with coffee shops. Ask pretty much anyone I know, and they will tell you. Part of me romanticizes them in some way. It has to do partially with growing up in small towns with the only real sanctuary for me feeling like it was in a coffee shop. Now every place I live in has to have at least a few good ones, where I do a pretty regular rotation. And there’s a magical feeling I have when I discover a new one. Here are my top five reasons why you should try working in a coffee shop, if you don’t already. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee (or a tea) and get to work.

1. Saving valuable time

If you’re working or studying, you need all the time you can get to devote to whatever you’re doing. If you do it at a coffee shop, you don’t have to waste any with making coffee or tea or whatever other drink you prefer. All you have to do is order.

2. They are always there for you, year round

It’s lovely to work outside, but what about the weather? It doesn’t always cooperate. And there’s something so perfect about sitting inside with a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate particularly in the fall, or when it’s a bit rainy outside. This always stimulates my creativity.

3. People watching

When I take a break from working, instead of getting on youtube or Facebook, I generally prefer to people watch. People are the most fascinating things to me, because of the subtle differences in their look and behavior. Everyone is different. My favorite thing is to sit by the window if that’s available, and just gaze outside as people walk by. I wonder about their lives, and how different it is from my own.

4. Fewer distractions

The great thing about going to coffee shops is that since a lot of people go there to work, no one bothers anyone else for the most part. I enjoy being in a place where a lot of other people are working, since that gets me in the productive zone to be able to do more work and stay focused. When I’m home, our cat is constantly getting into everything and instead of working, I have to make sure she doesn’t tear up my books. At a coffee shop, I can just work.

5. Selectively social

I prefer to be around other people in a work environment. The coffee shop is amazing is because while I have other people around me, I have the comfort of knowing that they are there without the pressure to really interact with anyone, since we’re all doing our own thing. It’s my own way of being social while actually getting work done. If I stay at home all day working, I usually feel pretty down, but if I go to a coffee shop, I always seem to feel refreshed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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