4 Modern Poets That Will Understand You Like No One Else Can

Flickr / Alexandra Bellink
Flickr / Alexandra Bellink

I’m more obsessed with poetry than I am most things. I usually write one poem every day. I find a lot of inspiration from poets of days gone by, in fact some of my favorites passed on long ago, like Pablo Neruda and Rumi, to name my top two. But these days, I’ve been very into some modern day poets who know how to grab you without even really trying.

They are so refreshing and relevant, writing about life and love that cause you to relate in ways you never thought possible. Reading poems by these people truly does make me feel like I’m not alone in what I’m feeling, and they’re worthy of checking out because sometimes no one can understand you like a poet or a poem can.

1. Michael Faudet

I’m obsessed with this guy’s writing. He’s fantastic. He writes about love, sex and eroticism in a way that’s completely relatable if you’re in your twenties or thirties. I’m almost done with his new book ‘Dirty Pretty Things’ and I’m so into it that it feels as though I’ve inhaled the book almost, swallowed it whole.

2. Lang Leav

If you’ve ever felt wistful, if you ever romanticize, if you ever long for things that have already left you, read Lang Leav. She’s playful, she’s whimsical, and completely in love. Not only with a person, but with life as well. Here’s a fun fact: she and the poet I just mentioned are actually dating, and she’s so in love that she dedicated both of her books to him, ‘Love and Misadventure’ as well as ‘Lullabies’ which are perfect companion pieces.

3. Sierra DeMulder

A seasoned touring poet, Sierra has made poetry her life. Some of the lines from her poems are so breathtaking that I have to stop for a moment to really take them in before continuing. She turns poetry into a moving experience, a form of therapy, a way to truly be able to relate to each other as we go through the pains of the human experience. Try reading her book “The Bones Below” published through Write Bloody Press.

4. Rudy Francisco

Another seasoned touring poet, Rudy Francisco has so much passion for life that it’s tough to contain it in his words as he writes about his life and human experiences. I’ve been a fan of his for years. A true master of words, he’s experienced with getting to the heart of the matter, the true essence of how he feels. And his poems can affect your emotions before you’ve even realized that they have. I highly recommend checking out his spoken word poetry. You can find it on band camp or you could check out his written book, ‘Getting Stitches.’

I left out a lot of incredible writers, but this is just a list to get you started. There is a whole big world of amazing, talented people out there to explore, and it’s within your reach if you seek it out. Happy reading! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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